Adult Ministry

Wednesday nightS

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Behold Our God

Behold Our God

Join Pastor Keith in the sanctuary on Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. as we explore the majestic nature of God's character and attributes. What is God like? Can we know him? How do we reflect him in our lives?

Sunday morning

Life Groups

9:30 am - 10:30 am

Each of Our Life Groups is consecutively going through the entire bible using the Gospel Project Curriculum. All life groups from children to adults are studying the same passage in the bible each week, which helps facilitate spiritual conversations as a family when you get home. Since you will receive teaching over the same material at all of our Life groups, we encourage you to try a couple and see which group best fits you!

College & Career (Ages 18+)

This class is designed for young people who have graduated high school and are either in college or starting their career field. Grow spiritually and connect with other young adults in the same life stage as you.

Teacher: Bobby Spath

Location: Education Bldg., C112

Adults (Ages 30+)

God designed the Christian life to be built in community, and connecting with others in a similar life stage is a great way to grow in your faith and to make friends that last a lifetime. This class is for adults, including singles, young marrieds, and families with children.

Teacher: Joe Tyus

Location: Education Bldg., C110

Multi-generational group (All Ages)

Reflecting the family of God, this class has couples and singles from all ages and stages of life. Come study the Bible and see how it practically applies to your life.

Leaders: Charles Little & Kim Harris

Room: Main Bldg., Fellowship Hall

adultS (Ages 60+)

Couples and singles with children out of the home explore the Bible and its applications for today. Open discussion is facilitated in order to enhance broad participation. We believe that the answers are in the Bible and
usually in the room.

Teacher: Charlie Eastburn

Room: Education Bldg., C107

sonshine women

The Sonshine class is a 65+ women's class using the Gospel Project curriculum. Join us as we seek to be a light to our community!

Teacher: Debbie Wilson

Room: Main Bldg., A107