Our story

Coming from a long history of broken people, we are a broken people

... if you visit, it will be quite apparent.

We are the sole possession of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, redeemed by Him, loved by Him, and living for Him. His story is called the Gospel—literally "good news." This story is not a self-help tale ... we would mess that up somehow. It is the story of how God reaches us in our brokenness, rescues and restores us to a relationship with Him, and transforms our lives to fulfill his design and purposes.

First Baptist Church of Groesbeck was founded in 1872, just one year after the city was established. For nearly 150 years, our church has has been dedicated to the glory of God. We've sought to share the good news of God's salvation with all men, women, and children, and we've aimed to lead each believer to know and experience the abundant life provided by Jesus Christ.

Our beliefs

Jesus is more important than life. Infinitely more important. He is worth more than all our efforts and is worthy of all our efforts. He is the Son of God, King of Kings, fully man, fully God. He lived a perfect life free, took our sin upon himself on the cross, died in our place, rose back to life three days later, presented himself to various crowds of people, and ascended to heaven.


During his ministry, he had a following of 12 men who accompanied him in his time on earth, learning his ways, eating what he ate, and patterning their lives after him. After Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascension, these disciples were filled the the Holy Spirit and set out to fulfilll his final commission to make disciples of all nations. And, thus, the church was born.

The Bible is the authentic word of God. It is inerrant and infallible. It is predicated upon the truthfulness of God, displays the faithfulness of God, and establishes the love of God in the hearts of people.

Flowing out of understanding His Word, our desire is to act upon what we have heard and seek to love God, love people, and engage the world. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive explanation of our beliefs, click here!